BAGGU Standard Baggu - Maido x BAGGU

Do you know Baggu? It is an eco-friendly bag brand born in 2007 in California. Originally created by CEO Emily Sugihara and her mother Joan for their own use, Baggu is now very popular in the US and abroad, including Japan. It is made of nylon based on the shape of the grocery store bags that everyone has used. Funny enough, the word Baggu came from the Japanese pronunciation of the word bag, so it is a perfect item for us to carry at Maido!

Baggu is not only fashionable in shape and design, but also functional. In pursuit of the best material, they use the same material used for tents and outdoor wear, and it can hold 2-3 times the capacity of a typical grocery store plastic bag. The bottom is wide enough to hold an egg carton or drinks without any problems. The handles are just the right length to hold in your hand or over your shoulder.

It can be used not only for grocery shopping, but also when you hang out with friends, go to the gym, travel, or just want to carry a second bag.
It can hold approximately 50 lbs/22 kg of stuff, yet weighs only about 3 oz./80 g. It is not only light but also very thin, so you can carry it in your main bag or even in your pocket.

As a result of their pursuit of a commitment to sustainable products, from the spring/summer of 2022, they started using 100% recycled nylon fabric, which is very environmentally friendly.

Baggu's bags have been very popular at Maido, and especially popular patterns always sell out immediately whenever they arrive. So, we finally decided to launch a Baggu with Maido's logo on it.

Since plastic bags are now banned in many places, you all need a light and compact bag that you can use over and over again and carry with you, right? Why don't you get this special item and try carrying it everywhere you go? You will surely get a lot of compliments on this Baggu!

This Maido logo was designed by one of our employees/a Japanese calligraphy artist, Mie Kawabata.

Here is the link (click here) to the product. Happy shopping!