Halloween Items

Halloween is around the corner. We'd like to introduce some halloween themed items today!


Folkart Glass Figure Witch

Folkart Glass Figure Witch is the cutest glass mini figurine!

Each glass rod is melted with a burner and carefully crafted by craftsmen.
The colored glass may have unique irregularities and small bubbles, but since it is a handmade texture, please enjoy having them.

Things to note:

  • W: 10 mm H: 25 mm | W: 0.4" H: 1"


Washi Tapes

Tear it off, stick it on, and peel it off. With a colorful and stylish "mt" washi tape, you can easily add colors and a good design to your life.

Things to note:

  • 0.59" x 275" | 15 mm x 7 m

mt Halloween Badge Washi Tape 15 mm

mt Halloween Tickets Washi Tape 15 mm

mt Halloween Pop Ghost Washi Tape 15 mm


Happy Halloween, everyone! :)