Midori Paintable Stamps and Related Products

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for checking out Maido! Kairashi Shop. We had a long break from posting any blog posts, but we will start adding contents constantly again. We hope you enjoy each one of them. Today, we will introduce some Midori products. 


Midori Paintable Stamps 

They decorate your plain sheet of paper in a second! Stamps can be colored over or written on. The ink is oil-based, so it will not smear even if you paint over the stamp with a water-based marker. This stamp can be used without an ink pad about 1000 times without refilling the ink. Stamp on notebooks, diaries, or postcards, and enjoy decorating them with your favorite colors! 

Tips on How to Stamp

Remove the cap, hold the pen with both hands so that it is parallel to the desk, and press. If you press too hard or too long, more ink will come out. If you press too hard or too long, a thin sheet of paper might be ripped. Please make sure to test press.

Your Own Decorations

"Midori Color Pens for Printable Stamp" can be used to color and write on the stamped patterns. You can make your own sticky notes by combining them with "Midori Pickable Sticky Notes". (Both the pens and the stick notes are sold separately).

Stackable for Storage

Stackable for compact storage. It is not bulky even when not in use.


Midori Pickable Sticky Notes

Each product has three different kinds of paper within a pad. You can choose and use your favorite kind anytime, as the top side is glued together. The layer includes 30 sheets of fine paper (perfect for a note to give someone), 20 sheets of kraft paper, (perfect as a small card for a gift) and 20 sheets of tracing paper (perfect for a note to put inside a book).


Midori Color Pens for Printable Stamp

Midori Color Pens for Paintable Stamp beautifully color paintable stamps! Midori has developed their own water-based pigment ink for stamps that does not smear or come out easily. 

Happy - This is a set of 6 happy color pens. 

(Colors: Coral pink, Canary Yellow, Emerald Green, Aqua Blue, Night Blue, Chocolate Brown)

Relax - This is a set of 6 relaxed color pens. 

(Colors: Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Violet, Cosmos Pink, Magenta, Cashmere Gray)

Positive - This is a set of 6 positive color pens.

(Colors: Forest Green, Olive Green, Mustard Yellow, Mandarin Orange, Rose Pink, Cappuccino Brown)

Two types of nibs: a 0.5 mm nib for easy writing on stamps and a brush nib for easy application.

The case can also be used as a pen stand by folding back the lid and fastening it at the back.


We hope to have shown you how to use these items! If you have anything you want us to cover, please email us to onlinestore@maidoardmore.com. Any kinds of questions are also welcome!

See you next time. ;)