The Cutest Cat Coin Bank

Shine Cat Electric Coin Bank was originally produced for humans to enjoy the cuteness while them saving money, but the consumers found another way to enjoy it; Give it to the actual cats and see their reactions! Surprisingly, cats love them a lot. Seeing is believing. Check out these videos below, before we explain about it!

Aren't they very adorable? The person who came up with this idea is very smart! Now, we will introduce about the product as a coin bank, even though you probably already got the idea how to use it.


Product Information

Shine Cat Electric Coin Bank is a very cute piggy bank that makes you want to save money again and again!

The cat pokes its head out of the cardboard box and takes the money and hides! It also makes a cute purring sound but sometimes hisses if they are not in a good mood. 


Things to note: 

  • Dimension: Approx. W120mm×H115 mm×D100 mm / W4.7 x H4.5 x D4
  • Battery is not included (AA x 2)
  • Product of Japan

How to Enjoy the Coin Bank

1. When you put a coin... (Meow!)

2. The kitty appears!

3. They take the coin away...

4. Then hide!!! (Meow!)


The manufacturer: Shine

The manufacturer for this cat coin bank called Shine was founded in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. They're not only a manufacturer that makes "products", but also a company that is constantly creating new ideas and activities, free from preconceived notions, in a consistent flow of planning, development, production, engineering, and manufacturing. They aim to develop a wide range of businesses based on their know-how to produce toys, and mechatronics product technology that they have cultivated over the years.

In fact, the old version of this coin bank was launched around 2010, but this new version was relaunched in 2016 with a slightly different paint job and voice. It seems that right after the old version was released, the cat playing with the coin bank has been uploaded on YouTube and other sites already. According to a Shine representative, it is one of their most popular products, having already sold about 800,000 units in total as of 2020.


Cats Can be Intelligent with the Cat Coin Bank

- Comments on Cats' Reactions  by a Japanese Veterinarian -

The cats probably observed the coin bank's cat coming out with a purring sound when the human placed a coin on the plate, and were probably intrigued by the cat's side. They probably wanted to imitate it and try it themselves. So they actually did it, and the cat came out from inside. It is a simple mechanism, but it is interesting, so they repeatedly pressed it. By having them learn to associate actions with results in this way, it'll probably be an opportunity for them to increase their intelligence. The cat has learned that when you push it, it comes out. Just like this, you can train them with something else, then they try something new, and they learn again. Through the accumulation of this process, they will be able to increase their intelligence.

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