Hello everyone! Have you ever imagined about fantasy worlds and imaginary things? Our new products are about such fantasy worlds by Kyupodo, who specializes in letterpress printing. Letterpress printing has a subtle unevenness to the printed text, giving it a different feel from today's printed materials. 

Since they are Japanese products, and everything is written in Japanese, we will introduce those products while translating them into English. Please enjoy checking them out, and find your favorite products. 


Fantasy Collection Book

2 colors in the same contents

32 sheets

Size: W148 x H204 mm | W5.8 x H8"

(Cover page)

Title: Fantasy Collection Book

By: Fantasy Specimen Room

Gold Saturn & Shooting Star

Silver Saturn & Shooting Star

(Back of the cover page)

- A. Names / B. Collecting Locations

A. Winged Elephant / B. Slope with beautiful sunset


A. Mermaid's Cell Phone (conch shell phone) / B. Under a desk in a library


A. Flower above the clouds / B. Bench on a rooftop


A. Lovers’ tree / B. Park with boats


A. Bulb flower bouquet / B. Back door of a wedding hall


A. House of a wind turbine generator / B. Lobby at an airport


A. Mobile villa with dinosaur / B. Platform at a train station

- Who is an Fantasy collector?

Fantasy collectors collect fantasies that have slipped out of people's heads and are invisible to ordinary people and give them special treatment in the fantasy specimen room to make them visible specimens. They usually teach fantasy science at universities.

- Items

Net for capturing fantasies - Only trained collectors can use these nets.

Collection bag – It contains collecting tools.

Fancy collecting book – It’s a book to write down the data of collection.

(On top right of each page)

Collecting date

(Back of the back cover page)

Title: Introduction to Fantasy Collecting

- How to make a fantasy specimen
We all have fantasized about things that could never happen in reality, such as "Wouldn't it be fun if there was an elephant with wings?" or "Wouldn't it be bright if a light bulb bloomed?" In other words, everyone has "fantasized" at least once in their life. Strangely enough, however, these thoughts tend to be forgotten at a moment's notice. Why is this? In fact, recent research has revealed that fantasies can be triggered by sudden events. Once out of a person's head, fantasies float in the air for a certain period of time. Of course, ordinary people cannot see them, but it's the "fantasy collectors" who discover and collect them, and it's the job of the fantasy specimen room to give special treatment to the fantasies and make them into visible specimens. The following is a brief summary of their work.

Only the fantasy collectors can see the fantasy balls!

1. In a State of Daydreaming
The state of being in a fantasy. Fantasy is in your head.

2. Being Called by Someone etc.
Sudden event causes the fantasy to break out of your mind. 

3. Chatting with Someone
The fantasy is rapidly leaving the mind because the person is engrossed in something else.

4. Forgetting
A state of forgetting what you were thinking about.

5. Capturing
The fantasy that has escaped is floating, so a special net is used to capture it. Since the fantasy ball is invisible, it looks like an insect collector from the side.

6. Transferring
Transfer the captured fantasies to a portable storage container. Never touch them with bare hands.

7. Fantasy Developing Solution
Transfer the fantasies from the storage container to the developing container and pour "fantasy developing solution" on them.

8. Fantasy Fixing Solution
When the image of the fantasy becomes clear, add an appropriate amount of "fantasy fixing solution". Do not touch the specimen with bare hands. Allow sufficient time for the specimen to settle before transferring it to a specimen jar or other container for display. Do not touch with bare hands.

10. Completion

Write the title and the place of collection.


Jelly room
In front of the coffee shop Hydrangea on Zenmai Street

(Back cover page)

Title: Imaginary Specimens

1. Sound-eating insect

At school ground after school

2. Saturn grass

In front of a vending machine on a street at night

3. Electric bird

In front of the display window of an electronics store

4. A rather gentlemanly bottle of wine

At stairs of subway

5. Lighthouse straw hat

By the ocean at Suzunari Beach

6. Butterfly fish

Near the ticket gate of the station close to an aquarium

7. Space pool

At the poolside during summer vacation


List of the Items at Serpentine Store

Size : 100 x148 mm | 5.9 x 4"

Title: List of the Items at Serpentine Store - We Have Nothing but Superfluous

Edition: Year of the Snake Slithering Edition

Alarm clock for chickens

Spray for hedgehogs

Sleeping bag for fowls

Floating bag for penguins

Secret shoes for giraffes (+5 cm)

Scissors for crabs

Parachute for flying squirrels

Warm clothes for snowmen

Wool sweater for sheep

Deodorant spray for skunks

Underwater glasses for fish

Leopard printed shirt for leopards

Elixir of life for zombies

Raincoat for Chinese umbrella ghosts


Good News to Cats!

Size : 100 x148 mm | 5.9 x 4"

Title: Good News to Cats!

Trade Mark: Power Fist Pharmaceuticals

As you know, modern cats are very busy with their daily lives, patrolling their territory, gathering food, and dealing with their human companions. Please give this energy drink Nekojara C a try.


Extract of silvervine (catnip) 10mg

Bonito flakes powder 10mg

Myaurine (meow + taurine) 1000mg, etc.


USO800 certified company


Haunted Travel Agency

Size : 100 x148 mm | 5.9 x 4"

Title: Haunted Travel Agency

Zokuricho Shopping Street

The summer vacation is around the corner. If you are planning a trip to the human world, leave it to us! We have a variety of plans backed by years of experience.

We cover all the popular tourist destinations

How about a commemorative photo with humans at a popular touristy spot?

Working Holiday support

Cross-cultural exchange while working part-time at a haunted house in the human world.

A full range of partner inns

Please relax at the long-established ryokan, Bukimi-Sou.


Mambo Airlines

Size : 100 x148 mm | 5.9 x 4"

Title: Mambo Airlines

From the Bottom of the Sea to the Top of the Clouds

Above the Clouds Shopping Street

If you would like to enjoy a relaxing and leisurely journey through the sky, please fly with Mambo Airlines. We cover a wide range of destinations, from the cities on the ground to the cities above the clouds, and even under the sea.

The airlines offers a cafe lounge, restaurant, observation room, and a private bathroom in each cabin.

*This service may not be suitable for those who are in a hurry.

A ticket along with cut-off line

Mambo Airlines

Round-trip ticket

Ground←→Cloud shopping district

Ticket No. (Each card has a different number!)


Mikazukitei Dessert Store

Size : 100 x148 mm | 5.9 x 4"

Title: Mikazukitei Dessert Store

15, Tsukiakari Shopping Street

Open 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Closed on the 1st night and the 16th night of the month

The items above are our top 3 most popular items. In particular, the full moon shiruko (sweet red bean and mochi dessert) is our store's top recommendation. This is the only place where you can eat mochi (rice cake) made by a rabbit on the moon. We look forward to serving you. Everything is delicious.

1. Full Moon Shiruko (Sweet Red Bean & Mochi Dessert) 500 yen

It uses mochi (rice cakes) made by the moon rabbit.

2. Stardust Jelly 400 yen

It is jiggly and sparkling.

3. Saturn Ice Cream 250 yen

The ring is the secret of its deliciousness.


Origin of the name "Kyupodo" - Gigi (Grandpa) of the Sakai family's hobby was letterpress printing

Katsuro Sakai (left) and his wife Setsuko (right)

There is a small letterpress printing room in the atelier of Kyupodo, where there are typefaces and printing presses used by Katsuro Sakai (a.k.a. Gigi), grandfather of Souhei Sakai, the third and current owner of Kyupodo. Gigi, who was a chemist involved in TV production (mainly around cathode-ray tubes), used the letterpress to print memoirs and travelogues as a hobby after his retirement. Sometimes he also printed his acquaintances' and did amateur letterpress printing. Incidentally, he used 9-point type, so he called his business "Sakai Kyupodo" ("9" is kyu, "do" or "dou" means somewhere (building) where people gather in Japanese). There was a large amount of type and proofing machines in the printing room, which might be a little out of the scope of the word "hobby". Letterpress printing has a subtle unevenness to the printed text, giving it a different feel from today's printed materials. Kyupodo, which inherited Gigi's store name, will continue to use what Gigi left behind to create artwork.

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